Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More from Maria - she must really want to win lunch with Sheila Watt-Cloutier

I do like to share good news stories with interested people. Here’s an interesting website put together by two New Zealanders who are taking the impact that waste has on the environment very seriously. I see that they’ve also written a little book on living “rubbish free,” and their 2kg of rubbish to the landfill in a year is something quite amazing.


If Edmontonians could cut their waste to that degree, I guess the EWMB would only drive trucks one week per year! The closest I’ve seen to this was a 2009 Edmonton Journal clipping (that I saved for my Simplicity Circles) about a family trying a “garbage challenge” -- to get through a week without making more than one bag of garbage. I managed to find a link:


Maria K

Note from Mark,
Thanks Maria! It is interesting to compare these stories. I am a bit miffed about how much the Edmontonian thinks can't be composted, and could scream when she uses the toilet as a garbage can. However her honest and accessible article has probably caused many residents to reflect on the issues and has had far-reaching effects. Maybe we could make her an honourary MC/R!

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