Friday, April 8, 2011

2011 Master Composter/Recycler Class started yesterday!

32 Volunteers and 5 Waste Management Staff met and began their learning journey last night, Thursday April 7th, 2011 at Grant MacEwan University as the 21st Master Composter class in Edmonton. During the introduction exercise, students were happily surprised to find the same enthusiasm and passion for learning more about composting and waste reduction in so many others. Experience in composting ranged from those who were already successful at it to those who wanted to know more. Some had experiences composting abroad, others in their backyards, or in vermicomposting bins. Most of the apartment dwellers were excited about the possibility of helping others in their complexes learn to recycle better. The Waste Management History Show provided lots of colourful pictures and information and kept the class alert and in some cases, laughing. The next class will be Saturday and down at the Fort. Snow on the composting centre's deck nor frozen bins won't deter this hardy group of potential composter "masters". Thank goodness the day will be sunny in the afternoon for the Compost Speed Dating exercise!

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