Saturday, April 2, 2011

U-Load Wood Chip Mulch available at OMCN

Old Man Creek Nursery (OMCN) is a small tree nursery where the City Parks Branch grows trees and shrubs for planting in parks and green spaces. They have a pile of shredded wood which they make available to residents at no charge. The material is coarse, but certainly attractive enough for the back yard or the far corners of the front. And did I say FREE?!!
    Next time you see your neighbour bagging their grass clippings, run over and tell them about this secret stash. Tell them how easy it is to get rid of weedy lawn under a layer or organic waste and wood chips, and then plant a few attractive shrubs instead. Point to your own yard and boast about how little work it takes and how good it looks!
    The Details:

  • Location: 2km north of Hwy 16 on RR231 (3.5km past the Meridian Street (EWMC) overpass, towards Greenland Garden Centre); GPS 53.59,-113.27 see photo.
  • Open: Workdays, 7am - 2pm 

  • Conditions:

  • Phone ahead, 780 467 4222 to ensure availability and accessibility.  It can be muddy in any weather.
  • Check in at office (to your left) upon arrival to ensure safety.

  • NOTE: You must load by hand - this is not for contractors.

    Mulch is great for the soil, reuses waste, and reduces yard maintenance. Kids will love hunting bugs in its fragrant, living biomass. It also makes you yard look great!

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