Thursday, April 14, 2011

A successful initiative to beat the Tax Man blues

Hi everybody, I set up this display on Mar 13 at the Fuzhou Association of Alberta. This services centre was open Fridays and Sunday mornings in March for income tax claims.

I talked with people when I went there on Sunday mornings. I might talk with ten people or more. When I was there, I noticed most people would like to have a (quick) look at my display while they were waiting. They seemed only interested in recycling, and showed a general knowledge about recycling; for composting, needless to say, know less and not interested. They usually didn't like to ask questions.

When I engaged some people in conversation, they then began to ask some waste management questions, i.e. where they are supposed to bring batteries, etc.. I met a teacher who teaches Chinese in a school, she was interested and took some pamphlets and Michael Recycle Magnets to share with her students.

Because I work Friday I didn't have chance to visit my display that day, but I was told that many people showed up. There were several small workshops and activities going on in the same place on other days, so there was quite a lot of people traffic over there.

I am confident many people visited my display as 30 recycling bags were all gone, and so were half of the fridge magnets and some pamphlets. I heard Omni Television went there to shoot and interview people for tax event one day. I guess there over 250 people have been to the office in the past month which doesn't include income Tax volunteers.

Well, I guess that's all about my event. Thank you all for your support. Have a good day!


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