Friday, January 13, 2012

New Nature Mill at work in our kitchen!

Laura is showing off our new Nature Mill.

Volunteers at trade show have heard from home owners that this machine is an easy way to compost indoors, and our staff here in Centruy Place has been trying to come up with an easy way for everyone to reduce waste, so we are giving this a try. Yes, it is certainly easy - no collection pail; no carrying outside or burying; no bin or soil required; no muss; no fuss. Actually, it does require some knowledge and has its limitations, but it's certainly a useful tool and fills a niche in our waste reduction strategies.

At the end of the first week, the collection chamber is full and the Mill is purring away, warming up the material and occasionally turning the mix to keep it fresh. If it jams on a banana stem or apple core it will un-jam itself (this has not happened, but is good to know).

The heat speeds up the process, kills fruit flies, and allows us to add meat and dairy, which would bring odours to other composting systems. It can be used outdoors, but I think we might want to test it in our -30 temperatures (when they get here).

Even though many of us in the office have a lot of composting experience, it is fascinating to note the differences between this system, vermiculture, and backyard composting.

We will bring it with us to upcoming events (POT LUCK on the 25th!), but you can certainly drop by anytime for a cup of tea and to see the Nature Mill in action.

See you soon,

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