Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have a few ideas for New Year's Resolutions but which to choose...
Option One - UN-DRIVE, to encourage us to walk to work more often (not just on car-free day), and go for a walk after dinner instead of spreading out in front of NetFlix. This should be good for the waste line!
Option Two - GO WILD!, and go crazy with the native plants we include around the yard. I admit to having a pretty brown thumb when it comes to natives plants, so it will be a learning curve, for sure.
Option Three - GROW A ROW, and dedicate available land to food production. This comes at a time when the city is developing food sustainability policy, so we can help understand food issues while contributing to Edmonton's sustainability.
Option Four - HORDE, the city is talking about reduced rates for low-volume waste collection, so we are considering keeping all our garbage in the garage until Jan 2013 and see how much our little household produces in one year, including what we take to the Reuse Centre. This will mean having to clean out the garage eventually, so even though it means not taking out the garbage, it could be a lot more work that it sounds.

So, help me out. Have you tried any of these? Which will have the biggest positive impact.

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  1. The reason I chose Horde is because I think it would be a valuable lesson for every one if they understood just what an impact their garbage makes. I see this all the time now I have moved into a condo. After Christmas our bin was overflowing with cardboard packaging from toys & gifts. Most people didn't even flatten it out or take the option of going one block away to put their cardboard waste in the convenient recycling bin.

  2. Option 4 would be pretty amazing to see. I can imagine the monthly photos of your garage... :)

  3. Option 4 would be really thought provoking I think! You could turn it into a mini-blog of its own with tips on how to reduce your household waste. How much garbage we create is really hard to imagine since it's taken away for us every week. A project like this would let people take a look at how much waste people actually make!

    A great blog for inspiration on how to reduce personal waste is: