Thursday, January 26, 2012

Who? Who? Who's new?

Just as we watched Karen Lewis-Carron ride into the sunset of retirement...
... a new sheriff rode into to town. How the heck did that happen?
Rodney Al is the newest employee of Waste Management Services, but he is not new to us.
Rodney graduated with the MCRP Class of 2008. Since then he helped build a multi-bin composter at the Campus Community Garden at the University of Alberta. He also took care of two worm composts at work and at school. Last September, he helped build a (much larger) multi-bin composter with the Edmonton Organic Growers' Guild.

Wanna see pictures?
Before starting with us, Rodney worked on lots of projects about Communities in Bloom. In fact, if you know those yellow Front Yards in Bloom signs, then you know Rodney's projects.

More crazy stuff about Rodney:
  • librarian
  • Edmontonian since 2000
  • got married last February, outdoors, in -26C
  • loves skiing, running, racewalking and the mountains
  • owns a cute dog - Ruby Thursday
  • speaks a little French and Dutch, and loves to practice
  • monthly waste goal: <1 grocery bag in the garbage can 
"I've been the in bloom guy for 5 years. So I am happy to become a worm-guy, a recycle guy, and a compost guy. Sadly, Garry has already earn the title of Garbage Guy. ... Darn it. He beat me to it."

We are hunting for a funny nickname for Rodney. What do you suggest?
Post a suggestion here.


  1. Yay Recyclable Rodney! Welcome to life as the MCR/P coordinator!

  2. tee hee, I am part of the Waste Hierarchy:
    > reduce
    > reuse
    > recycle
    > re-Rodney