Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dreaming of Waste-Less Holidays

Edmontonians have been busy using social media to share ideas on how they reduce the amount of waste they produce during the holidays.

This social media conversation was sparked by a waste-less holidays contest organized by the City of Edmonton. Residents were invited to participate by sharing creative, useful and fun tips though the City’s Twitter account, Facebook page and Transforming Edmonton blog.

The contest got Edmontonians talking about simple ways they can embrace the holidays while being conscious of the waste produced.

Here are some of the ideas we’ve heard on how to reduce holiday waste:
Rethink the way you package your presents: consider using a scarf, festive flyers or cookie tins. Reuse wrapping materials and decorations.
Give waste-friendly gifts such as a shared experience or homemade baking; donate your skills and time to a charity.
Avoid food waste: plan your food and donate unopened treats to the food bank.
After the holidays make sure you recycle boxes, paper (including all non-foil gift wrap), plastic and glass bottles and jars, and cans and aluminum trays.

During the holidays, Edmonton’s waste volumes double. The City encourages residents to reduce, reuse and recycle to minimize the amount of waste.

Submission deadline has been extended until midnight MDT on Thursday, December 19th, 2013.

Check out the contest and what your fellow Edmontonians are doing to reduce their holiday waste by


  1. 2. My mom would take the time to carefully wrap to top and bottom of a shirt box separately, using really nice wrap (that she got in the boxing week sale...). The wrapped boxes were stored for next year. Some boxes got used 6-10 years.


  2. Cookie tins. Some cookies come in pretty tins. So you just put a bow and a label on them.

  3. One year we got a box full of pretty cloth at a rummage sale. We starched and ironed the fabric, and used it as Christmas wrap. Note that this takes more scotch tape.

  4. My brother used to save the color comics from Sunday's papers to do the presents. AND the rule was that you couldn't cut a strip in the middle. So you could enjoy the comics by being careful unwrapping.

  5. More recently we get the gift bags. Pretty Foil bag. Drop the present in, put a fluff of coloured tissue paper, and a label on the handle. Reusable forever.

  6. Or just put a label on the outside of the Amazon box.....