Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Compost Awareness Week

Compost Awareness Week is right around the corner! From May 3rd to 10th, we will celebrate composting and encourage Edmontonians to think differently about decomposition.

Since you're such a compost champion, we know you're wondering what you can do!
Here are five simple ideas to get you started:
  1. Forward the "Keep Composting" newsletter to someone you know. Especially someone who might take the plunge into home composting.
  2. Host a Compost Garden Party! Invite a friends and family over to show off your composting skills. Take time to answer questions, troubleshoot, and make composting fun and easy.
  3. Tell a friend about Compost Awareness Week. Mention the 6 workshops where they can learn the basics.
  4. Share some fun facts about composting on Twitter or facebook, along with a link to
    Post a picture of waking up your compost to Instagram.
    Use #yegcompost.
  5. Organize a Lunch n' Learn at your workplace - let us know how we can support you!
How do you plan on participating in Compost Awareness Week?
Leave a comment below to share your ideas.

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