Monday, December 19, 2016

Showcasing the Newest Collection Trucks

With so many cities moving toward automated collection, it's become hard to purchase collection trucks that are easy and safe to operate for hand collectors. So, collectors are excited to show off the newest trucks in Edmonton's collection fleet.

Two collectors watching a demonstration of a new collection vehicle.
Collectors place garbage in the yellow bucket, and then use an automated arm to lift and dump the garbage into the truck's compactor compartment. The low height of the bucket is better for the repetitive lifting and throwing that our collectors do, and is expected to reduce the strain on collectors.

The driver operates the arm from within the cab of the truck.
The new trucks are shorter than our current vehicles, making them easier to maneuver in alleys, parking lots, and other tight spaces, but they still carry the same volume of waste. Multiple cameras will help the driver see more and stay safe. The driver also sits higher, which improves visibility. 

In addition to being better for collectors, these trucks would provide a smooth transition to automated collection if that occurs in the future. The bucket can be easily switched out for the proper attachment to pick up bins. 

Collectors are currently training on one of these trucks, with 13 more on order.

Old vs. New
  • These automated trucks are about one metre shorter than the manual collection trucks, so they can be used in narrower spaces.
  • The new trucks have five cameras for safety, rather than the single rear-view camera on the current trucks.
  • The new trucks cost a little more than the current manual collection trucks. But, the new trucks offer more versatility, enhanced safety features, and speedier waste collection.
Photographs provided by the City of Edmonton



  1. Is the plan to move eventually to the fully automated collection vehicles similar to the ones used in St. Albert and elsewhere? Just wondering why the City would purchase 13 of these new vehicles if you're going to move to fully-automated ones?

  2. These trucks are currently fitted for manual waste collection, but they can also be used for automated collection. It is a relatively small number but they will fill an important role with the fleet.