Tuesday, March 27, 2018

My Staple Collection by MCR Rodney A.

This container is cute, it's little, and it's visible. 

It sits in front of my desk and reminds me of small successes, everyday.

~2 years of collecting bits. <500g of mixed metals.

I put this in a soup can and crunch the can closed.
I take it to an Eco Station and throw it in the "Scrap Metal" bin.

What odd items do you collect for recycling? reuse? or composting?
Visit edmonton.ca/recycling

Rodney became an MCR in 2008 and it still enriches his life for the better. He searches for new ways to collect and sort, reduce and reuse. Collecting staples doesn't work for everyone and that's okay. It sure works for Rodney.


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  1. What a great idea Rodney!! I never thought about those little bits before.