Thursday, March 1, 2018

Tell One Friend: Refuse the Refuse

Let's face it: It's hard to say no to stuff. It's especially hard when the item is a gift, offered as a well-meaning gesture.

Say you visit your dentist. You are thrilled to get a new tooth brush but you don't need the floss (and the packaging with it). How to refuse the floss, politely?

Saying NO is hard in the first place, but it's one of the best ways to reduce waste.

Saying NO to swag, "finisher" t-shirts, and samples at the grocery store can be tricky. Balance courtesy to others along with your own goal to reduce waste.

Just like anything, saying NO takes practice. As an MCR, you can show others how to do this well.

What's Your Secret?
Well-Meaning Swag

  • Does refusing the refuse work for you?
  • How to you decline politely, without hurting someone's feelings?
  • Do you have a success story to share?

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