Monday, June 18, 2018

Recap: MCR Munch & Mulch (June, 2018)

20 MCRs enjoyed a sunny, spring morning at Compost 'S cool, last Saturday. In good company, we learned, we chatted, we discussed, and we played in the dirt.

5 Ways to Deal with Grass, Leaves, and Plants... But Not "Compost"
  • Mad Science: bokashi, extracts, teas & brews
  • A Sensus of Humus: how to make leaf mold
  • Interment: burial, trenching & double digging
  • The Green, Green, Grass of Home: going bagless (grasscycling)
  • Litter Bugs: chop & drop, deadheading, mulching & lasagna gardening
The group broke into four teams. Each team toured all four stations to learn about the topics above. At each station, one person from the team led a chat about the station.

Special thanks to MCR Deb P. She hosted the Mad Science station and taught us about bokashi. She even sent folks off with samples of EM (effective micro-organisms) to try their own bokashi compost.

The day ended with a fun game of Compost 'S cool charades.

Congrats to all those MCRs who were recognized for reaching milestones and long service. You rock!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the MCR Tree Planting, in July.

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