Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tell One Friend: Make Waste-Wise Actions Visible

Leaving your compost bucket somewhere visible shows friends and family that composting is a normal part of running a healthy kitchen. It also makes for a great conversation starter.

It's time to show off your collection of compostables and ask you friends to do the same. Leaving it out on the counter has the benefit of showing that it is easy to use and to empty. 

Prompt them 
"I love the convenience of having my compost bucket on the kitchen counter."

One Small Ask
"I think it is wonderful that you are composting. Will you leave your composting bucket somewhere visible so others can see it and learn from you?"

Give Feedback

"I love that you are showing others how to conveniently collect compostables in the kitchen."

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Did You Know?
Other examples of making waste-wise actions visible include getting a Go Bagless sign, moving your compost bin to the front yard, and adding an Eco Station or Reuse Centre box to your waste collection set-out. If space is an issue in you kitchen, consider hiding the garbage can instead of the compost bucket.


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