Monday, November 8, 2010

Compostable disposables issue broadens

I have been trying to get my tiny brain around the Biodegradible products and packaging issue for some time.

SunChips, of course, comes to mind as a recent addition to the discussion. For those of you not following this, the packaging has been discontinued in the US, and celebrated in Canada.

I have had little luck with bio-d material in my home compost bin, and it seems others are having similar issues, like the University of Vermont.

Here is a new twist - packaging that can be just washed away. Although after reading this I wonder why we don't simply make all packaging out of chocolate in the first place. Yum!

On top of all that, the August edition of BioCycle magazine contains a bunch more information on the topic.

Leaves my tiny brain hurtin' for the good old days of wicker baskets and milk bottles.

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