Thursday, November 18, 2010

Want to ban SUDs (single use disposables)?

I was at MacArthur Elementry school Tuesday and saw this sign in the Grade 4 classroom:

of course, I was thrilled, but wondered if the parents were happy having their convenience curtailed in this way. When I left the school at recess to get some supplies from my car I spoke to a woman in her SUV outside about idling and she told me it was to keep her infant warm. Fair enough, except when I left the school more than a half hour later she was still sitting there.

MacArthur needs a few of these:

In today's Journal, Rob Renner is floating a trial balloon to see how people respond to action on disposable coffee cups. Read the article and share your thoughts.

I have already sent in my request for a deposit on large items, like couches, chairs, and especially mattresses.

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