Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reusing Old Hotel Façade is "A Labour of Love"

Somewhere at the bottom of our landfill rest the giant columns of the old Edmonton Court House façade. Meanwhile, downtown, another old façade is being prepared for reuse.

The Alberta Hotel came down in the 80's to make way for Canada Place, and Gene Dub is building a new hotel using pieces of the original. The site is just west of its original location on 98 St and Jasper Ave.

Read the Journal and Gazette for the full story.

Too bad we didn't have a Reuse Centre back in the 70's, so more of the old buildings could have been dropped off for reuse. I imagine Renée would direct them to Fort Edmonton Park (as long as weren't dropped off before opening, then Karen would have to load it in and weigh it, etc.). Still, you never know what you will find in the Odds 'N Ends section.

thanks to Craig S-A for passing this on.

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