Friday, November 5, 2010

World Town Planning Day

I get so happy to hear of global movements to make our lives more sustainable. Especially when it comes to cities. This event has been around a while, but it is new to me, and I will be there to learn more...

What is World Town Planning Day?
The 20th century transformed Canada from a rural to an urban industrial society. The impact of this change on our community spaces provided great challenges for Canadian planners. Planners integrate the goals of sustainable development, good governance and economic viability to ameliorate the human environment. Their contributions to Canadian society have helped make our country a highly enjoyable place in which to live.
World Town Planning Day focuses on the progress of community planning in Canada. It highlights the valuable contributions that sound planning has made to the quality of the human environment and provides recognition of the ideals of community planning among the profession and the general public worldwide.

World Town Planning Day was initiated in 1949 and is celebrated in many countries on all continents each year on November 8. This year’s theme is “Active Living – the Act of Living” and the Alberta Professional Planners Institute in Edmonton region is celebrating WTPD at Edmonton City Hall – City Room from 10am – 2pm.
image stolen from the Planning Academy

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