Monday, November 8, 2010

On a personal note...

If you missed Inspire 2010, you missed a lovely venue, great food, funny and engaging speakers, a smooth registration process, enviro-swag, workshops, discussions, garbage chandeliers, energy, inspiration, memories, and good friends.

For me, a high point was hearing applause when Garry mentioned improvements to our processes and the new initiatives coming up. It is not often I hear people thrilled with waste handling, and it renewed my commitment to our programs. Thanks to all of you for that.

I want to send a special Thank You to Sonya, Marilyn, Kate, Richard, and Christine for all the work you did to make this event possible. I look forward to the next one!

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  1. Thanks to Anna F for these comments we recieved by email:

    The conference was just what it was intended to be--inspiring! As I made my way to Kingway by bike, I met a car en route with a Stop the Tar Sands! bumper sticker. Right on, brother man! thought I. Then I noticed that the car was idling with the driver inside reading. Oh. It's dispiriting to encounter either indifference or hostility to the matter of living a greener life. So being amid so many other fellow travellers, most of us in well worn clothes and with quirky, even eccentric ways of living, was inspiring.
    Thanks to all of you who made this event possible.
    Beyond my beautiful chandelier constructed of used bottles, and the great swag door prize I brought home--both reminders of the day-- this event gave me new impetus for living differently.

    So thanks to all of you,