Monday, December 13, 2010

Grey's Update

· Both domes are completed and the office building joining the two domes is currently under construction.
· Equipment has been ordered for both domes. The small dome, where waste glass will be used in the manufacture of paving stones, will be commissioned by end of 2010.
· The paper recycling facility will be commissioned starting in January 2011, with custom products (e.g. file folders ) followed by a wider range of products by end of summer (e.g. office paper, writing paper, envelopes).

Collection of Material
· Bins have been installed at 14 recycling depots and Eco Stations for textiles. These bins provide a recycling option for residents who have old clothing and linens that are not reusable and formerly could only be disposed of in the garbage. Not all depots have the clothing bins because of site size limitations. Greys will receive and sort the material to remove items such as old clothing, linens, towels, etc. containing over 75% cotton for use in the paper making process. The left over clothing and textiles will be given to chartable organizations such as Goodwill and the Bissell Centre for reuse or remarketing in the Edmonton market.
· We will begin segregated collection of used office paper from civic offices in the New Year. Commercial businesses that sign up for either a waste or recycling service can also receive high grade paper collection at no charge if they separate into a recycling cart.
· We have just started a joint initiative with Greys for collection of glass and used paper from commercial businesses.

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