Monday, December 27, 2010

Highlights of 2010 - #5

Assisted Waste Collection

Over 80 residents have registered for the service and are, by all indications, extremely pleased with it .
“I thank my stars that this service came to be,” said Lindsay, who signed up for the service in January. “It allows me independence and an easier winter.” She even sent the mayor a letter praising the helpful service, and has mentioned it to everyone ever since the day she signed up.
Lindsay’s appreciation for the service has been echoed by other residents. Bonnie, who lives in an apartment building, thinks it is a great idea. “I mention it to all the people I know who are housebound and alone,” she said. “I just hope they call you and take advantage of this wonderful service.”

Could somebody you know benefit from this service? Send them to for more information and to access the online application form, or call Eric, our waste cartoonist, at 780-496-5698.

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