Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Highlights of 2010 - #10

To wind down the year, we present our very own top ten list.
Number Ten brings back memories of warmer days...

EWMC staff are continuing to grow vegetables at the Centre's community garden.

This year, all staff from the branch were given the opportunity to either help with the "Plant A Row-Grow A Row Program" or start their own garden. Everyone involved agreed to continue to plant for the Food Bank, as it would provide them with an opportunity to exercise and to learn more about gardening.

Three EWMC staff volunteered to tend the garden every day, and a number of others donated money and seeds towards the effort.

Karen Lewis-Caron and MCRP volunteers assisted with some of the planting. Arch Greenhouses made a donation of plants. Youth volunteers from Alberta Health Services' Residential and Detox Program dropped by for an hour and half once a week to lend a hand with whatever needed doing.

The EWMC landscaping staff did a wonderful job with woodchips around the perimeter of the garden, making the scarecrows, and delivering potatoes to the Food Bank. Young members of our EWMC Staff families helped by hand painting the rocks that were used to label the various rows of vegetables.

At the end of the harvest, a total of 789 kilos were delivered to the appreciative folks at the Food Bank! A great effort by all involved.

Volunteers dug up a crazy looking potato and called it Bud the Twisted Spud.

When Bud found it on his desk he appreciated the joke. No word as yet to the appearence of Pam the Yam, or Laila and Larysa, the lettuce ladies who, in their bright green frocks, steal the attention wherever they go.

thanks to Pam L for the update and for heading up this initiative

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