Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Collectors Keep It Safe

While the past couple of months have been very challenging with regards to adverse weather conditions, all frontline staff are to be commended for keeping their focus on safety.

Collectors have had to deal with the usual winter challenges navigating narrow, rutted alleys for back lane collection, but this year provided new road blocks (literally) to safe and efficient collection on front streets.

Injury rates continue to move downwards, and this clearly shows that staff are keeping their eyes and mind on task at all times.

Thanks also to residents who ensured snow and ice were at a minimum around their bins.

The City is committed to the health and wellness of its employees, collectors are keeping safety in mind, and residents support their city workers by considering collector's needs and timely attention to collector safety. With these groups working together we will never know how much the winter of 2011 might have cost us in injuries, lost time and insurance.

Well done!

I challenge any top athlete to climb a pile of ice chunks, pick up a dynamic 20kg load, turn around, and gracefully throw it into a one metre wide space, and do it again 299 times, and then do it again tomorrow!

...ok, the grace is optional.

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