Monday, March 7, 2011

New use for Garbage Juice

Excess water in a compost system leads to unpleasant smells, lower quality compost, and (in very high quantities) pollutes groundwater.

The Envirocycle Tumbler has a base that collects excess moisture (when the unit is upright) in its base. This 'garbage juice' is full of nutrients and organic matter that can be diluted and used to water plants or add back to the pile.

Unfortunately, when organic liquid is left to sit, microbes consume the organic matter, and the oxygen along with it, leading to smells and creating a breeding place for mosquitoes.

The Wizard Hybrid tumbling composter connects to your downspout and has a larger reservoir for collecting and diluting G-Juice.

With rain mixing into the reservoir below the compoting tumbler, it freshens itself with every rain shower. This design will reduce the likelihood of smell and mosquito issues, and is uber-cool to boot!

The issue still remains about how to get the liquid out of the reservoir; someone ingenious would rig up a siphon system using material from the Reuse Centre.

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