Friday, March 11, 2011

Terracotta bins hit the shelves in India

Terracotta would never survive our winter, but it may be just the thing for composting all kinds of waste on the Indian subcontinent.

Did I say ALL kinds of waste? Yes, the family adds meat and dairy, and can even empty their chamber pots here. The material's unique ability to breathe, as well as the shape and volume, can achieve the high temperature needed to destroy most pathogens.

These would be just the thing for New Zealand, where disaster has destroyed much of the sewage system.

The bins on their own are beautiful , and can be painted or stained to fit perfectly into anyone's outdoor d├ęcor. The planted tray below the vessle is a beautiful way to collect and use G-Juice too!

Learn more on Treehugger and read Poonam's comments on the design on Daily Dump.

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