Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Speaker's series presents "Climate Change"

Heather W (class of 2003) emailed me with some information on upcoming Green events. One of the surest signs of spring is the huge bump in the number of local environmental activities.
Now before you all send me links to every clean air, fresh water, and cloth diaper event please remember that I can only blog about those that are in some way related to YOU, our Waste Branch Volunteers.

There are a few things to mention here, so I am just providing links and you can decide which to check out.

First, some background:
From the city's vision "Transforming Edmonton" came the strategic plan "The Way Ahead" which is broken down into 5 Ways - The Way We Live, Grow, Move, Finance, and Green.

On The Way We Green page:
March 23: Climate Change,
March 14-28: Climate Trail Display,
The Way We Green project videos,
and Links to discussion papers, videos, surveys, up-to-date information and policy advice, the integrative plan diagram of the whole process, and opportunities to comment on all positions.

When you discuss these issues with friends and neighbours, log your hours under the Building Awareness... activity.

Thanks Heather, and yes, I won't forget Earth Hour coming up next weekend!

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